With unusual expertise in the legal and investigations arenas, John Nardizzi is a frequent commentator on modern techniques of investigation.  Articles and media appearances include:

• March 2014, Left Coast Crime,
Life of PI

• August 2012, The Boston Globe,
Private detectives see holes in Patriots’ path

• November 2011,
Boston Bar Association, Expert Use of Experts

August 2011, The Jewish Journal, Tips from the Grifters: Avoiding Investment Scams

August 2010, The Modesto Bee, Workwise

• March 2007, Innocence Network Conference [Cambridge, MA], Investigating Non-DNA Cases

• February 2007, LPDAM, Managing an Investigative Practice

• January 2007, The Brandeis Institute for Investigative Journalism, Investigating Wrongful Convictions

• May 2006, The Boston Globe, A Private Investigator's Life

• March 2006, PI Magazine: Journal of Professional Investigators, Investigating Wrongful Convictions

• September 2004, Boston Bar Association, Investigating Tort Cases

• August 2004, PI Magazine: Journal of Professional Investigators,
The Art of Report Writing

• May 2003,
Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Witness Interviewing

• February 2003,
Lawyers Weekly USA, The Modern Gumshoe

October 2002, Lawyers Weekly USA, Interviewing Witnesses Early in Discovery

• January 2001, MCLE, Conducting Investigations and Interviews