Trying to find an old Boston, Suffolk County MA court case?

If you have a case number from a Boston, Suffolk County case but are not sure where it might be found, the first set of numbers contains a trial court code. Check this site to locate the correct district court that heard the case. For example, a case number 8905 - CR-1091 would be filed in the year 1989, in courthouse “05” which corresponds to East Boston.

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Other Massachusetts Superior, District, Probate & Juvenile Courts are listed here too, but Boston cases cause the most confusion because of the consolidation of the district courts under the Boston Municipal Court system. BMC Central covers downtown Boston & Beacon Hill.

Reading faces, detecting lies? Not quite...

Paul Ekman's decades of research are the backbone of the Facial Action Coding System. Ekman's books and videos explain that reading facial expressions does not automatically reveal a liar. Microexpressions may be a sign of subterranean emotions, but there is no expression that automatically signals deception.

NLP eye movement & lie detecting: Everything you know is wrong

A surefire way to detect a liar is to watch the eyes move, right? You have seen this claim in books, movies, cable TV shows, blogs, etc. When someone looks up and to the left , they are accessing a visual memory. Lee Child even has Jack Reacher doing this in one of his books.

One problem: research shows it doesn't work. Even the
FBI has come around to this way of thinking.

“Twenty-three out of 24 peer-reviewed studies published in scientific journals reporting ex-periments on eye behavior as an indicator of lying have rejected this hypothesis.”

Last man/woman standing in writing contest

John Nardizzi’s “Chasing the Ghost” wins Pursuit Magazine Criminal Defense writing contest.