Investigator arrested without cause by Harvard police

On Saturday afternoon, May 30, 2009, Harvard University police arrested without cause one of our investigators, Joseph Cadillic, who was assisting the Simmons Agency and MIT Crime Club with research on the murder of Justin Cosby.

After identifying himself to a student, providing a business card, and his purpose for visiting, Mr. Cadillic requested permission to view the area of the shooting. Harvard police, instead of making a reasonable inquiry into how he came on campus, then arrested Mr. Cadillic and his wife Elissa (who was present but is not employed as an investigator).

Why does a university whose motto, Veritas, means truth, have a long history of dubious interpretations of law when it comes to witness access, due process, and free speech? This is especially true when events highlight certain unpleasant truths about drug use and violent crime at Harvard.

We look forward to all criminal charges against Mr. Cadillic being dismissed. We continue to seek information about Justin Cosby's murder on campus and encourage any information to be sent to us.