Background due diligence

Different industries define "business intelligence" in different ways.  Human resources personnel may require background research on an executive candidate. Business development directors may require competitive intelligence on a competitor’s new product launch.  

Discovering the true standing of a potential partner makes good business sense. Alternatively, a judgment against a bankrupt adversary may not be worth pursuing.  Nardizzi & Associates accesses thousands of databases with public records and open source information such as: criminal records, professional sanctions, news/media references, litigation, bankruptcies, contracts, internet postings, past address histories, liens and judgments, business affiliations, securities filings, etc.—these are just a few areas that clients call upon the firm for timely reporting.  

Armed with a backbone of database intelligence, and if the situation warrants, the firm then interviews relevant parties such as former employees, contractors, and industry experts to flesh out non-confidential information.

And we have
proof our due diligence is second to none.

• Venture capital / equity financing
• Executive and other high-level hires

• Personal assistants / nanny / child care

• Mergers and acquisitions

Asset searches

• Due diligence background checks

• Competitive intelligence

• Benchmark surveys

• Vendor contracting