With an unusual expertise in both the legal and investigations arenas, John Nardizzi is a frequent commentator on modern techniques of investigation.  Our cases or articles have been featured in the following areas:

ndia NDIA Investigating Innocence - Regional Conference - Sept. 2023

5 Boston Wrongfully Convicted Massachusetts Man Gets $13M Settlement

The Boston Globe They were freed after serving decades in prison. Now, it’s their prosecutors who are facing scrutiny.
boston10 Man who spent nearly 50 years in Massachusetts prison wants name cleared.

The Daily Item Investigator helps free man wrongly convicted of murder 41 years ago

masslive Murder conviction in case against James J. Watson vacated

CBS Man Who Says He Was Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Freed

wbur Investigation leads to freedom: James Watson is coming home - motion for new trial…

image003 John Nardizzi @ WAD 94th Annual Conference . . . The Rising Tide of Wrongful Convictions

Projo Investigation exonerates Gary Cifizzari: DNA evidence shows R.I. man committed brutal 1979 murder

Boston Herald Victor Rosario, who spent three decades in prison, has been formally exonerated in setting a 1982 Lowell fire

The New York Times Sexual Assault Charge Against Kevin Spacey Is Dropped

pursuitmag Jan. 2019, Pursuit Magazine, The Goodell Detective Agency: Why the NFL Botches Investigations

pursuitmag Feb. 2018, Pursuit Magazine,Top 6 Dumb Things Lawyers Say to Private Investigators

pursuitmag June 2017, Pursuit Magazine, The Law and Science of Eyewitness Identification

Cheat Sheet November 2016, The CheatSheet, Love and Money: 6 Signs of Financial Abuse You Shouldn’t Ignore

pursuitmag “Chasing the Ghost” wins Pursuit Magazine Criminal Defense writing contest . . . Chasing the Ghost

calamari crime March 2014, Left Coast Crime, Life of PI

The Boston Globe August 2012, The Boston Globe, Private detectives see holes in Patriots’ path

boston bar November 2011, Boston Bar Association, Expert Use of Experts

jewishjournal August 2011, The Jewish Journal, Tips from the Grifters: Avoiding Investment Scams

August 2010, The Modesto Bee, Workwise

March 2007, Innocence Network Conference [Cambridge, MA], Investigating Non-DNA Cases

February 2007, LPDAM, Managing an Investigative Practice

January 2007, The Brandeis Institute for Investigative Journalism, Investigating Wrongful Convictions

May 2006, The Boston Globe, A Private Investigator's Life

March 2006, PI Magazine: Journal of Professional Investigators, Investigating Wrongful Convictions

September 2004, Boston Bar Association, Investigating Tort Cases

August 2004, PI Magazine: Journal of Professional Investigators,
The Art of Report Writing

May 2003,
Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Witness Interviewing

February 2003,
Lawyers Weekly USA, The Modern Gumshoe

October 2002, Lawyers Weekly USA,
Interviewing Witnesses Early in Discovery

January 2001, MCLE, Conducting Investigations and Interviews