Knowledge is the awareness of something missing.

Cold Cases & Unusual Projects

We put the pieces together: over the years, we have undertaken some unusual research projects and obtained outstanding results.

— We reinvestigated circumstances surrounding a suspicious death from the 1960s, a cold case involving the family of a wealthy business magnate. We found previously unseen original police reports and other records, which we used to locate and interview the police and firemen who investigated the crime scene. Our client was thrilled to get first-hand accounts of the investigation forty years later.

— After several PI firms came up with nothing after a two year investigation, a client turned to us for a new approach. We were able to generate a close connection to the subject, who then proceeded to provide a running commentary on his affairs. Within one month, our client had all information necessary to come to an important decision.

— In a four decade-old murder case (from 1973) involving several men in Boston's Bay Village, we located witnesses in New York and Florida who had sworn out exculpatory evidence that our client was set up to take the fall. The research involved painstaking genealogical research in several states and interviews with some of the hardest to reach members of society. The murder conviction was overturned in 2020.