Medical Malpractice

In malpractice cases, Nardizzi & Associates locates and interviews witnesses, as well as gathers supporting evidence via surveillance and due diligence research. In the past we have:

• Identified hidden business partners that showed a source of undisclosed income to the plaintiff.

• Conducted interviews with witnesses who provided the true story behind the causation of injuries to the plaintiff.

• Provided evidence that impeached the plaintiff, who was clearly exaggerating the scope of injury.

Some of the firm’s most successful research in this area has exposed fraudulent claims and dismantled the other side’s case in a matter of weeks.

Cases we have worked on recently:

Medical malpractice case:  The plaintiff sued our client, a well-regarded doctor, alleging negligence in the treatment of a spinal condition.  Interviews with former associates revealed that, despite claims of inactivity, the plaintiff was actively engaged in a business.  Records research also revealed a case where a federal judge questioned the veracity of an earlier civil claim filed by the plaintiff.  Faced with overwhelming impeachment evidence, the plaintiff dropped the malpractice claim.

Recently, a jury trial was halted after one day of testimony after video evidence was to be introduced that showed plaintiff had lied about her level of activity on the witness stand. Plaintiff’s counsel settled the case immediately.

A plaintiff with a decades-long history of filing frivolous lawsuits was exposed well before trial, enabling defense counsel to settle the case for a token sum.