Litigation Support

Nardizzi & Associates provides clients with superior service in the areas of locating and interviewing witnesses, as well as gathering supporting evidence. The firm analyzes the merits of parties and deposition testimony, pointing out areas for further inquiry.  The firm advises on methods for winnowing a large pool of potential witnesses, and memorializing critical testimony with affidavits.  

Some of the firm’s most successful litigation research has exposed fraudulent claims and dismantled the other side’s case in a matter of weeks. 

Medical malpractice defense
Trade secret theft / infringement  (patented designs, software copyrights)

Civil rights cases (wrongful convictions, racial discrimination, police brutality, victim rights)

• Environmental cases (PRP identification, coverage disputes, illegal dumping)

• Products liability (negligent design, failure to warn)

Securities / broker fraud (churning, insider trading, shareholder suits) 
• Employment (sexual harassment, noncompete agreements, race/gender/age discrimination)

• Insurance / business fraud

• Premises liability (negligent security, slip & fall, construction defect)

Other cases have involved privacy torts (false light, commercial misappropriation, identity theft); libel and slander; and child custody/probate issues.