It is over: No retrial for client in Lowell blaze

Client Victor Rosario, who spent over three decades years in prison before convictions for arson and eight counts of murder were overturned, will not be retried according to the District Attorney Marian Ryan. Superior Court Judge Kathe Tuttman overturned Rosario's convictions in 2014, based partly on new forensic science cast doubt on whether the fire was actually arson as well as other factors in our re-investigation of the case.

Mr. Rosario is now married and works as a minister in Dorchester.

The Law and Science of Eyewitness Identification

I summarized some key points for investigators in a piece for
PURSUIT MAGAZINE on the new scientific studies being done in the field of eyewitness identification and memory.

Below are links to case law, scientific studies and law enforcement training guides and videos. Most of this collection was put together by the organizers of the National Symposium on Eyewitness Identification Reform held at Yale Law School, which I was fortunate to attend in July 2016.

- John Nardizzi

Court Cases

Law Enforcement Training Curriculum

Law Enforcement Videos

Model Legislation, Policies and Practices

Related Studies and Articles

FBI reports code names & acronyms & abbreviations

This website of FBI acronyms, code names and abbreviations may be of use if you need to decipher FBI reports.

FBI reports are often generated in connection with civil or criminal litigation. Some of the acronyms and code names can be tough to decipher but they sure are fun. SPECTAR? BLACK BAG JOBS? GHETTO INFORMANT PROGRAM?

And use a VPN because Jedgar's boys are probably running the site anyway…

The most sophisticated Android espionage app ever; self-destructs upon risk of discovery & other nastiness

Illegal use of GPS and filing false police report: Department of Bad Ideas

Interesting expansion of 4th Amendment power by court

Severe dysfunction alleged in Suffolk Probate Court

"It was a place for employees to make work disappear,” according to an assessment of the registry released by the Massachusetts Trial Court…The court did release documents that showed a fundamental breakdown in basic management. Employees took breaks at all times of the day and left for lunch when they wanted, the documents allege. Staff were allowed to come in late or leave early. People did not answer phones. Supervisors had signs on their closed doors that read “Do not Disturb.”"

Cops not liable for arrest of motorist writing naughty words on ticket payment--but DA culpable

Investigation underway in Navajo Nation Toxic Spill

Last month, the Navajo Nation demanded the federal government pay $162 million to cover damages caused by the Gold King Mine spill. Citing the Federal Tort Claims Act, the nation said the toxic spill turned the San Juan River sickly orange color and continues to disrupt ranchers and farmers in the Native American nation. The toxic spill is believed to contain heavy metals, including arsenic, mercury and lead.

Private investigators are often called upon in these cases to document the damages via extensive witness interviews as well as determine causation. Environmental cases are massive undertakings, with fact-gathering requiring the identification of witnesses at multiple properties over the course of decades. The spill is just the latest affront to the burgeoning Native American environmental movement.

“The spill disrupted the Navajo Nation’s economy and damaged the people and environment in numerous ways,” the nation said in the claim letter. “It fundamentally altered economic, cultural, ceremonial and spiritual practices that support the Navajo way of life.”

The EPA allegedly had documented signs of trouble for many years, but did nothing to prevent the blowout.