Breaking news - Worcester Superior Court - Hit on a DNA sample in 1979 murder case,

What does a PI do on a DNA case?

Cifizzari press conf

My interview on Favorite Detective Stories - early days in the PI biz, wrongful convictions, creativity, con men.

Why Words Matter: Good Intel, Bad Reports, Ugly Outcomes

The Law and Science of Eyewitness Identification

I summarized some key points for investigators in a piece for
PURSUIT MAGAZINE on the new scientific studies being done in the field of eyewitness identification and memory.

Below are links to case law, scientific studies and law enforcement training guides and videos. Most of this collection was put together by the organizers of the National Symposium on Eyewitness Identification Reform held at Yale Law School, which I was fortunate to attend in July 2016.

- John Nardizzi

Court Cases

Law Enforcement Training Curriculum

Law Enforcement Videos

Model Legislation, Policies and Practices

Related Studies and Articles