Forensic experts: a pervasive lack of national standards

This article sums up the problem with the lack of national standards for forensic experts. While organizations like American College of Forensic Examiners International Inc. purport to test forensic experts, according to the article many of these “colleges” award certificates after testers take brief online examinations--sometimes written by people with no background in the field: According to the article:

“Other former employees said it was routine for low-level staffers to write exams for ACFEI and its related organizations based on textbooks in subject areas in which they had no expertise.

Tania Miller worked for six months as chief association officer for the American Psychotherapy Association, an ACFEI sister group, beginning in fall 2010. A few weeks into her job, she said, she was asked to author an exam to certify forensic counselors. Miller's background was in marketing and graphic design. She said she declined to write the exam. ACFEI did not respond to questions about Miller.”

This situation highlights why competent lawyers always conduct a full background examination of any expert, testing credentials, no matter how old.