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WAD Investigator of the Year awarded...

This really caught me off guard - honored to be named 2023 Investigator of the Year at the 98th Annual Conference of the World Association of Detectives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I had the mistaken impression the winners were informed beforehand, so when the dinner came, I was well into some fine red wine when I heard the words "investigator from Boston" and "also a writer". Fixed my tie and cleaned up quick.

Thank you to WAD for recognizing investigators like me working on wrongful convictions. Exonerees like Raymond Gaines and others inspire us all! Keep working, keep dreaming, keep fighting...

And I should add that the tremendous outcome was also due to fine work by staff investigator Jill Vaglica. Innocence cases are successful when you work as a team.

WAD conference Investigator of Year 2023
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NDIA Seminar on Investigating Innocence...

Enjoyed doing a presentation at the NDIA Regional Conference in Providence, RI.with my esteemed colleague from New England Innocence Project, Cynthia Mousseau. Terrific group of investigators and presentations.


Exoneree Victor Rosario settles case for $13 million....

In May 2023, the City of Lowell admitted their errors and partially compensated former client Victor Rosario for his wrongful conviction - $13 million, the 2nd highest settlement in New England.

It has been a long time coming. I was part of the team that freed Victor Rosario in 2014, after spending 32 years behind bars for a 1982 fire that killed eight people. Victor was at the scene helping people escape the fire. Instead of being lauded for his actions, he was charged and convicted after an error-filled, circus investigation. And at the end, a man who was once a client, is now a friend, showed tremendous compassion and grace, saying "If I don’t forgive those who do wrong to me, then my life will be always in prison. And I don't want that— I want to be free!”

Victor, his wife Beverly, and those like him are special people. I went to Chicago a few weeks later to celebrate with him, lawyer Mark Loevy-Reyes, and the rest of the fine legal team. We walked the shore of the lake and talked deep into the night. Shot pool, ate well, relaxed.Victor even purchased a local landmark; now known as ROSARIO TOWER. His time has arrived.

Rosario press conference $13 mill settlement.

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The Sound of Pursuit Podcast... "The Dome" and "The Beard"

If you thought there was no more space for another PI Podcast, you were mistaken… John Nardizzi and Hal Humphreys are on point with The Sound of Pursuit, our podcast on the life and the work of private investigators, including tools and techniques, interviews with fellow investigators, and reflections on the calling.