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Excellent result for public records law in Massachusetts.

Excellent result for public records law in Massachusetts. "Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman."- Louis D. Brandeis

At long last, court strikes down MA police department's bogus interpretation of criminal records (CORI) law: mug shots, arrest reports of officials are public.

Wrongful convictions and Chicago Police-

Good piece on National Registry of Exonerations report that shows Cook County, Illinois leads the nation in documented wrongful convictions. The great majority of those cases -- 67 since 1986 -- were handled by the Chicago Police Department.

As the article notes, “That’s a number to be ashamed of. There are 67 cases in which the Chicago Police collected "evidence" of serious wrongdoing against a person who turned out to be innocent....More shocking still is this fact: the Chicago Police Department has never conducted an investigation, filed disciplinary charges or imposed discipline on a single police officer for negligence or any other form of wrongdoing in a single one of these cases. (Chief) Gerry McCarthy and his predecessors just don't care.”