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10 year investigation leads to filing...

For over a decade, John Nardizzi and the legal team for Brian Peixoto have been working to overturn an egregious wrongful conviction from the 1996 death of young Chris Affonso. No case we have worked better demonstrates the critical importance of developing witness testimony—even with very difficult and challenging witnesses— that eventually led to John obtaining critical medical releases that led to the legal team being able to fully access the medical records and file a Motion for New Trial.

In the case of child deaths, the prosecutor playbook in the 1990s was to blame the man, even while in this case there was ample evidence of the suspicious role of the mother, Ami Sneed. Our Motion for New Trial alleges the Commonwealth’s medical examiner erroneously concluded that Christopher’s death was due to a violent assault. A child abuse expert in the case testified beyond his area of expertise and falsely attributed findings to the medical examiner.

No one beat Christopher to death, according to the filing. Chris was not a healthy, well-cared for child as portrayed by the mother and the DA. He had numerous bruises were from earlier fall and suffered a fractured clavicle while in the custody of the mother. Our motion alleges that Christopher was stumbling and acting drunk the morning of his death, yet the mother (Sneed) failed to take the child to a medical appointment that morning, with some records showing she canceled it.

The new evidence shows that Christopher died from PTDI [Post-Traumatic Diabetes Insipidus] which was triggered by a traumatic impact to his skull.

This was never a child abuse case. Those who warped justice in this case will have their own day of reckoning.

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