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Exoneree Victor Rosario settles case for $13 million....

In May 2023, the City of Lowell admitted their errors and partially compensated former client Victor Rosario for his wrongful conviction - $13 million, the 2nd highest settlement in New England.

It has been a long time coming. I was part of the team that freed Victor Rosario in 2014, after spending 32 years behind bars for a 1982 fire that killed eight people. Victor was at the scene helping people escape the fire. Instead of being lauded for his actions, he was charged and convicted after an error-filled, circus investigation. And at the end, a man who was once a client, is now a friend, showed tremendous compassion and grace, saying "If I don’t forgive those who do wrong to me, then my life will be always in prison. And I don't want that— I want to be free!”

Victor, his wife Beverly, and those like him are special people. I went to Chicago a few weeks later to celebrate with him, lawyer Mark Loevy-Reyes, and the rest of the fine legal team. We walked the shore of the lake and talked deep into the night. Shot pool, ate well, relaxed.Victor even purchased a local landmark; now known as ROSARIO TOWER. His time has arrived.

Rosario press conference $13 mill settlement.

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