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Throwing the bolt: When due diligence is too late

What industry is most ignorant about background checks, even for high level hires? For me, it continues to be boutique merchants & restaurants. They love to rely on "insider industry knowledge" when hiring. Even when hiring top level manager, executive chefs, CFOs, they refuse to do a basic background check and look at criminal record, civil litigation, agency hearings, or license violations.

We usually see these kinds of clients paying for post-facto due diligence— defending a lawsuit, sexual harassment cases, fraud, vendor theft, etc. It is like a rancher throwing the bolt on the barn door the morning after a prized horse ran off.


As a business owner, you should consider what signals you are sending to a new employee by not doing background checks. No, it is not "making things easy" for a new hire, even during an economic times where employees are in great demand. You are signaling that taking shortcuts is acceptable in your business. That you accept less than someone's best efforts. Employees accustomed to more professional employers will notice that you are not doing those things. Is that the impression you want to make on your employees?

Protect yourself and show your business.